Universal 13.1" Android Radio

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Explore our latest Tesla Style Android Radios. Unique vertical screen, Android system, bluetooth handsfree calling & music, video playback and millions of apps waiting for you to explore.

Screen can rotate from landscape to portrait mode. It can also move up and down/left and right.

This unit can come with built-in CarPlay/Android auto, DSP, bluetooth 5.0 and voice command.

Harness provided in the package is complimentary and it is not guaranteed to completely match the vehicle. Manual wiring will be required when the harness does not fit. 

Display size: 7 1/4" width by 11 3/4" length. 

Brain box size: 7" by 4" double DIN.

Demo Video:



This Tesla Style Android radio will replace your current radio in your vehicle. It requires a double DIN space to fit. It gives your vehicle a clean and neat look while giving you access to millions of Android apps and expanding your connectivities. This Tesla style Android radio also serves as a platform for you to put on many add-ons to further expand your capability on the road. Some examples are CarPlay & Android Auto module, portable DVD player, TPMS and more.

This stereo needs hard wiring connect to your vehicle. It is not plug and play. We have play and play harness for limited vehicles only. 

The radio needs ACC wire to turn on. 

Demo Video


Vehicle information.

It only support some vehicle's CANBUS system with CANBUS decoder box (Sold Separately). Some functions below may not supported.

  1. Door open/close
  2. Vehicle speed mph
  3. Engine speed rpm
  4. Low gas alert
  5. Low tire pressure alert
  6. Vehicle incline angle
  7. Backup image (able to support up to 3 cameras like Front & Right side cameras)
  8. Backup radar display

Entertainment control

  1. Steering wheel control ( volume, next/previous tracks)
  2. FM/AM Radio
  3. Play music from storage/USB drive
  4. Screen mirroring of you phone both android & iPhone. (Only one can be mirrored at a time.)
  5. Bluetooth calling / music (built in Mic but you can request an external one)
  6. Accept external add-ons like CD player, digital TV, TPMS, Bird view 360 cameras CarPlay & Android auto module etc)
  7. Run music apps from Google Play store, like Pandora and iHeart Radios. 

Built-in GPS

  1. Able to use any Navigation App online or offline.

Aftermarket Amplifier

  1. Unit comes with four pre-amp output
  2. Does not have dedicated subwoofer out but subwoofer can be added if your aftermarket Amp has the capability or use a LOC (line output converter) on a set of speaker wire then hook up sub amp then subwoofer.

Dedicated dash cam input.

  1. It may need a USB drive to store recorded file depending on the dash cam you use.
  2. Automatically stores your dash cam image to USB or on board storage.


Features not retained:

1. XM Satellite radio if it comes factory with your car.

You will either use Sirius app via Wi-Fi or purchase Commander Touch Module from Sirius to retain such feature.

2. Factory voice command.

You can download Google Assistant to retain voice control feature. The unit comes with voice command.


What is in the box?

  1. Display
  2. Main box
  3. A bag of harness/wires with complimentary Dash Removal Kit


One (1) year warranty. We will fix, replace or refund if there is anything defective on the unit!

For details, please visit our warranty page.

Return Policy

30 days money back guarantee! If our product do not satisfy you, return it to us and we will fully refund you!

For details, please visit our return policy page.


Technical Specification:

Refer to picture above.