Add-On: HD Front Camera

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Main Features

- 170 Degrees wide angle fish eye

- Superb night vision

- IP68 Water Proof

- 1280x720 Resolution 720P graphic

- Comes with proprietary mount for most makes and models of vehicles. 


What is in the Box?

- Camera

- Yellow RCA harness, 35-45 ft long. 

- Red power harness. 

- Complimentary dash tool

- Static windshield sticker. Provide a layer for regular stickers to be applied on to prevent marks when removing. Static sticker comes right off along with the regular sticker. 



Core MCCD Chip
Resolution 1280x720
Guide Line Static
Format NTSC or AHD
Operating Temperature -22 F ~ 176 F
Voltage 12V
Operating Current 120mA
Low Light Operating  0.1 Lux
Water Proof IP68
Color adjustment Auto
Image Stabilization  7.0