Mustang Installation Instruction - 2

For visualization, please refer to GJDGarage's video*. 


Step 1. Open glove compartment. Get a good grip on the panel to the right side of glove compartment. You can wiggle the panel and pull or use the complimentary pry bar we provided to pry it open. The bottom end should come out first then you will just pull the top end. 

Step 2. After we pulled off the side panel, grip the bottom of the air vent panel and slowly increase force to pull out. The right side of the air vent panel will come out first, then work your way to the left. 

Step 3. After taking off the air vent panel, we will go ahead to take off the center console panel. We will start by pulling off two side panels on each side. Each panel is held to the center console by couple of clips and a magnet. Be sure to keep the magnet. After pulling off two panels on each side, we will get access to four screws/bolts, two on each side. You will use your 7mm nut driver to screw them off. All of the bolts that fasten the Mustang console are the same, so do not worry when they mix up. Be sure to keep the bolts in a secure place. 

Step 4. Now we go ahead to remove two coin tray bolts before taking off the center console off. We remove the rubber pad and expose two bolts. Remove the two bolts and leave the tray there. We will remove the coin tray after removing the center panel. Now we go ahead to take the center console off. First, we will need to engage the hand brake and shift the gear to neutral then we open the armrest. We can see two legs from center console panel sitting on top of the armrest compartment well. We will insert the pry bar between the center console's leg and the well and pry them apart. Work your way around the edge of the well until you get them all off. Pull the panel piece up to get access to two plugs underneath the cup holder. Disconnect them and continue pull the panel up until you got all the insert pulled out. Of the two plugs disconnected, the black one is for keyless entry and the grey one is for cup holder light. Do not take out the center console, instead pull it back to give room to the OEM unit or original system and reconnect the black plug so we can test our radio later on! Now we can remove the coin tray and set it aside. 

Step 5. Now we go ahead to take off the original system. Make sure your vehicle is completely turned OFF before removing any plugs. There are four bolts attach the OEM system to your car. Two are already exposed when we took off the air vent panel. The other two are hidden behind a rectangular cap sitting between USB and power socket. Remove the cap using the pry bar, then you will get access to the rest of two bolts. Remove them, then you can start slowly pull off the plastic outer plastic panel from the top. You can see there are two plugs at the back along with USB and power socket. Remove the two plugs by pinching the center of each plug, that will disengages its safety tape. To remove USB plug, you will need to disengage two taps on top and bottom of the USB plug. You will need a little spacer like a dime or penny to slide under one of the taps and pull up the other tap to pull the USB plug off. To remove power socket, locate the tap at the side, depress it then remove the plug.

Step 6. Set the control panel aside, now, you will get access to DVD drive and your screen. Each is hold securely by four bolts. We will first remove the screen by taking off four bolts. Disconnect all plugs behind the screen. When disconnecting plugs, always depress the tap on each plug and then wiggle and pull the plug off. You will have 3 plugs for premium model and 4 for base model. Take notes of the plugs that connects to the screen, they will be used to connect to your new T-style console later. Now we go ahead to take off the DVD drive by unscrewing the four bolts, then we will disconnect 4 plugs behind it, two rectangular, two round. We will use the two rectangular ones later. Now we have completed disassembling the OEM unit. 

Step 7. Now we will need to install our T-style entertainment system. First we will need to get our wires connected. Follow pictures below to connect the wires first. 

For base model mustang, use wiring diagram below. 

Connect plugs 1-4 to the connectors behind original screen unit. The yellow round RCA connects to "Cam-In" for backup camera. Connect plugs 5-6 to the connectors behind original DVD unit. Then connect other side of the cable to the metal box. The white connector on top connects between T-style screen and the metal box. Follow the diagram below to connect all the plugs. 

Mustang T-Style Vertical Screen Main Case Connector Diagram

The yellow plug is for aftermarket amplifiers. 


For premium model of Mustang, use wiring diagram below to connect the wires first. 

Premium Mustang T-Style Wiring Diagram

Connect plugs 1-3 to connectors used to connect to original screen unit. Then connect 4-5 to connectors used to connect to original DVD unit. Then connect the other side to the metal box shown above. 


After we finishing connecting the wires, connect the white connector to the other side of metal box first. Then connect USB, power socket and the two black plug used to connect to original control panel to the T-style screen. Last, connect the other end of white connector to screen. It is always a good idea to test out the unit, make sure it turns on and functions before reassemble all the components back together. 

As right now, we will reassemble the car's dash back together reversing the steps we took them apart.

Screw on four bolts on dash -

Put back the cap between USB and power socket -

Put coin tray in place -

Connect plugs underneath cup holder -

Snap center console panel back in place -

Screw on bolts in coin tray and put in rubber pad -

Screw on two bolts on each side of center console panel at front -

Snap back the panel on each side -

Put back air vent panel -

Put back glove box side panel -


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