Ford Focus Installation Instruction

Video from [Out of Line Garage] shows how to remove and install a 32G T-style android car stereo. This instruction is for your 64G T-style radio, the procedure is the same. Please also check out all of his other videos!



- Phillip screw driver

- Torx screw driver

- Dash Kit (provided in the package)


Step 1. Use any pry bar in the dash kit to remove a plastic piece underneath the OEM unit above AC control. You will expose two screws

Step 2. Use Phillip screw driver to remove those two screws, your radio should come loose. Slowly pull your OEM's unit outwards until it stops. Disconnect a small plug behind the panel and set the unit aside. 

Step 3. Remove two screws holding the metal box. Unplug the harnesses behind it by pinching the retaining tab.Then remove four more screws on the screen. 

Step 4. Take out your Vertical Screen unit and install the correct bottom piece with screw provided. 

Step 5. Connect the harness as follows. 

 Ford Focus Tesla Style Wiring Diagram. Rhino Radio


  • If you do not have backup camera, do not use buzzer. 
  • If AUX is not working, try connecting the female "aux in" to male "aux in" cables that is under the word "choose one" in the picture. 
  • On the black plug, "Video in" is for AUX video input. It can be seen in the AUX app on the screen. 
  • On the black plug, "S. Cam In" is for side camera.
  • On the black plug, purple loose wire is for camera power, but it is not needed. Brown loose cable is for backup trigger and it is also not needed. 


Ford Focus Tesla Style Wiring Diagram, Rhino Radios


The connection at the unit side is shown below. 

Ford Focus Wiring Diagram, Rhino Radios


Connect all the matching connectors at the vehicle's end. 

Step 6. Take off the vent from your original dash and put it on your new unit. 

Step 7. Before putting your unit back in, turn on your vehicle to test out functions. 

Step 8. After testing, put your unit back in.